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Role: Producer & Researcher
Date: 2019
Project Span: 16 Weeks
Team Size: 13

Project Encased focussed on developing a Microsoft HoloLens demo for our client Thermo Fisher Scientifics. The demo would showcase the hardware and software possibilities of the Microsoft HoloLens. 

We have been given two popular terms, Augmented Reality and Gamification. I've spend days on learning everything there was to know about the two topics.

Soon the realisation came that the HoloLens is still in early development, but the second generation is was on it's way. So our ideas should not be limited by the hardware limitations and new ideas came to be.

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Because we weren't bound to hardware limitation we were able to easily switch to the HTC VIVE to make it suite the client's needs better. 

Gamification is very exciting, it reaches so much further than games alone. Everywhere where you want to apply an ellement of learning or increase engagement you can use the gamification principles to boost the result. 

The passion of the team for the project drove them and that made it easier for me as a producer. 

The client contact was marvellous for me. We were able to share knowledge and both got a lot out of our collaboration.

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