Damiaan van Citters

Born in 1997 in the Netherlands. As a child I was always about being creative. Every schoolbreak I would draw armies of stickfigures or fold paper airplanes. Next to my bed I had a sketchbook where I would sketch in every evening. 

I went on to do VWO at the Kennemer Lyceum located in Overveen. Excelling in creative subjects and a natural instict for leading teams got me where I am today. 

At the time I would play a lot of field hockey and play games or draw when I didn't have to be on the pitch.

In highschool I barely got excited about learning from a text book. I knew it could be done differently, learning wouldn't have to be boring. 

''If you're not interested in learning, why would you remember things you don't want to remember?''

After highschool I followed my passion and started studying Creative Media and Game Technologies at Breda University of Applied Sciences (previously NHTV). I combined my passion for everything creative and managing teams and focussed on becoming a producer.

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